what you can expect

soil harmonics

A greater understanding of how living organisms work together and benefit each other.

soil harmonics

An action plan for building an ecosystem.

soil harmonics

Implementation of action plan where we work with you.

soil harmonics

A maintenance package if you desire one.  

Education & Visioning

We teach how the elements of the soil work together. This includes plants, water and the microscopic life in the soil. Understanding how these things work together is essential to taking good care of the land you steward. We help with the visioning process for your land and by the end of the education and visioning process, you will have a land action plan. 

soil harmonics education

Implementation & Building Ecosystems

Creating a healthy ecosystem with your land is the next step after education. The phases for this include listening to your land, observing it and then deciding how to enhance what it already wants to be. Building an ecosystem entails helping the succession of plants and other life evolve faster than it would on its own. This begins with grasses and wildflowers, then moves on to shrubs and trees.

soil harmonics implementation

Online informational subscription

This is easy website access to new information as it becomes available including scientific information at varying levels of complexity and the ability to submit your questions concerning your current projects.

soil harmonics online information

Modalities for Receiving Services

Public Speaking – Speaking events are designed with the audience in mind. The intention is to share soil health information in such at way that people with a wide range of backgrounds will understand it and will walk away with tools to transform global challenges from drought to climate change. Big picture concepts about the world of soil, as well as the tiny more focused topics are options. This will depend on the audience and their desires.

Workshops – You can also choose the daily option as a workshop where you invite friends and colleagues to come learn about ecosystem building and their workshop fee goes towards paying the daily fee. You still get an action plan for your land, your guests make it affordable, plus they get all kinds of awesome education for a fraction of the regular cost of one on one consulting.

what makes us unique?

we don't

Monocrop - food only.

we do

Polycrop - diverse mix of plants, annual, perennial, support plants (cover crop, shrubs, trees, flowers, other insectaries)

harmonics don't

Instant Installation - done in a few days.

harmonics do

Implementation of healing phases for the land and its succession process - weeks to months for noticeable change and years for continued tweaking at your leisure.

we don't

Tell you what the plan is, do it all for you, leave you with no understanding of what happened and no idea what to do next. This would cause future decision making problems for you.

we do

Connected collaboration - we work with you, you work with us in the educating, designing, implementation process. You get to pick up a shovel and bring your friends and family.


Just create a landscape of food or ornamentals with the most product in the shortest amount of time.


We build ecosystems with diverse life that will bring you regenerative resources for generations as you continue to steward the land in a sacred way.

We don't

Mindlessly turn land into something that it’s not - Massive earthworks changes with large machinery.

We do

Observe and listen to the sacredness of the land and ourselves - Ask and learn from the land about what it has to give and what it needs from us. Mostly minor changes with hand held equipment.


Treat the Earth like it’s a thing that belongs to us.


Honor the Earth as the oldest living, intelligently designed organism that it is. A teacher.

we don't

We don’t hoard information or keep ourselves or you isolated from an abundant, generous support system.

we do

Create lifelong connections with you, other clients, colleagues, friends and family so that diverse and stable community is achieved.

Soil Harmonics education reunites science and spirituality.

This Nature Wisdom card deck is all about the spirituality that the Earth represents and what that means for human beings. Readings done with these cards will teach you how to be in harmony with yourself and, therefore, also in harmony with the Earth. This harmony allows abundance to flow into our lives as well as creating a healthy planetary ecosystem with Earth connected human beings!

Healing Oracle READINGS

Amanda will be giving ORACLE CARD readings, and sharing her insights on the environment and how it effects Your world.
COST: $177.00

soil harmonics events

Circles of Gaia Healing Oracle DECK

Enjoy the wisdom and insight of nature at home, with your own deck of Circles of Gaia Healing Oracle cards. Each card depicts a different natural element, lovingly hand drawn by Amanda Smith. The deck is made up of 70 beautiful cards. A booklet with instructions and interpretations is included with the deck.
Price includes Shipping & Handling

COST: $42.50

soil harmonics events