Cristy Christie 

Owner of Black Diamond Vermicompost

After setting up a small worm bin and being amazed at what the worms had done to transform horse manure and food scraps, Christi used some of their castings when transplanting a few broccoli plants. 

Harvesting the beautifully dark green, fully formed stocks and leaves was a new experience. The stocks were crisp with color throughout, not the typical hollow Christi was accustomed to seeing. The leaves were strong and not one bug was in sight. The broccoli never made it to the salad. Ja and Christi stood at the kitchen counter and ate every last bit of it! The decision was easy. They needed to produce vermicompost for our community! She never looked back.


Abalone Coast Analytical, Inc

Abalone Coast Analytical, Inc has added this new department in order to be part of creating solutions to soil, water and food challenges. We have monitored soil and water for over nine years and now we are excited to go beyond monitoring and help heal the land and water. The main members of the team are Amanda Smith, owner at Abalone Coast Analytical, Inc, Cristy Christie, owner of Black Diamond Vermicompost, and Renn Strong who does design visioning and community/team building work directly with Soil Harmonics. Their combined education includes knowledge of soil chemistry, soil microbiology, permaculture practices, building aerobic compost and compost tea brewing. When a larger implementation team is needed, we have an extended network of landscape architects for designing your space as well as the crew to install the design. We are here to educate and help you maintain your land once the transformative process begins.