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The definition of a healthy ecosystem is Soil Harmonics.


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Helping nature provide the inputs to a system for land-based businesses to thrive!
Soil Harmonics is about building community, everything we need comes from the ground and we like to help organizations that are doing their part to take care of the Earth.

Soil Harmonics

A harmonic, by definition, is an energy wave that is a part of a multiple frequency with its own unique energy wave. One way of understanding this is through the analogy of a symphony. A symphony is comprised of several instruments which, when being played, have their own individual sound wave, or tone. Each instrument wave is a single harmonic. The sound the instruments make in unison is the multiple frequency made by several harmonics. Each instrument will have its unique sound, as does the sound of the symphony with all the instrument intonations occurring at once.

Systems in nature are comprised of many components working together to create a symphony where that system has a unique purpose that is bigger and more complex than the purposes of their individual parts. In the case of soil, those components include the minerals and organic matter of the soil itself, the air and water within the pore space of the soil and the critters that live in and on the soil...


take a moment.

When it comes to fixing the loss of land connection on the part of humanity, time spent listening to and observing the land is important. Take off your shoes and walk on your land. Be silent with it, observe how it takes care of itself. Ask yourself what your soil and topography are truly suited to do. Then ask where it is lacking in diversity. How can this land be enhanced to give you resources while allowing for a thriving ecosystem?

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